Making Sense of Big Data

Inspired by the Netflix Simian Army to construct a fully well-managed, fault-tolerant system using AWS Auto Scaling Groups and CI/CD utilizing CodeDeploy and CodePipeline wielding GitHub as the source control.

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Every architect has this dream of making a sophisticated system for their development environment. Making a Fault Tolerance system ensures high availability and redundancy to the system from a single point of failure. Nowadays many tools help to do this automatically like AWS Auto Scaling Groups and we need to…

Utilizing the Azure Function and Azure Queue Service to create a serverless functionality for your application

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The above picture represents an empty office because of no servers, hence serverless. Anyhow, I wanted to build an application that had a serverless functionality totally on Microsoft Azure. So, the goal here is to use the Azure function for the serverless part and Azure queue to receive messages from…

A complete solution of the application was created separately on both of the cloud vendors.

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This post is about creating an application similar to Netflix but for Anime only on both AWS and Azure separately. We will be using most of the services and integrate them to create two separate applications working on their cloud platform. Our application will be globally accessible and easy to…

Utilizing AWS Lambda and Queue Service to create a serverless application to upload an image and sending an email to AWS Email Service.

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Let’s say we have to architect a solution where we have to design a serverless image application where we have to send an image through an image web app and our serverless architecture. We will utilize AWS to send our data from our image web application which is hosted on…

Sulabh Shrestha

Cloud DevOps/Data Engineer at MotionsCloud | Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer 👦 🏢

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